Re: [NTLK] Another article critical of the Newton

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Sat Apr 07 2007 - 21:53:06 EDT

jg wrote:
> Very true, Dan.
> Duo is a huge mistake, because of the weaknesses it has. On other
> hand, it was very good super portable sub-computer. I remember when
> everyone made a big eyes when I took out of my small! suitcase a Duo
> plus printer and modem and a scanner. Total weight 4,5kg. I could
> correct a contract on the spot, print out the invoice, scan a
> document!!! Today it is not possible. There is no ultra portable
> scanner or printer for mac. Mac itself is not lighter either.

Canon still makes the Pixma iP90 (new version of the i80) which is
quite the portable printer. It's basically the continuation of the
same line that they've had for a long time (and Apple used for the
Color StyleWriter 2200) and has an optional battery pack and you can
swap a "scanner cartridge" in for the print-head/ink-tank cartridge too.

Cool stuff.

Morgan Aldridge

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