Re: [NTLK] Geeksafe revisited

From: John Charlton <>
Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 14:40:36 EDT

Thanks for everyone's interest in an updated version of Geeksafe. Still
time to add more feeping creatures, but here is the plan:

A 1.2 version which uses the same soup and has only minor changes to keep
those worried about their data happy. These fixes are:
- Automatically closing when turning off the Newton (powerOffScript) :
- Putting 'Hide Vitals' (demo mode) into the status bar : done
- Requiring the password to get out of demo mode
- Adding scrolling to the Notes section (see next message, need help)
- Changing the layout slightly to maximize input areas

The 2.0 version is aways off yet, but the features I'm aiming for are:
- Encrypting at least the password in the soup
- Login using handwriting recognition + keypad
- Import from Geeksafe
- Password generator built-in
- 'Time to change password' alarm
- Better use of screen real estate in portrait and landscape modes
- Quit after set time (for machines that don't power down)

There are lots of other goodies to add: Copy to clipboard (easy);
Hyperlinking to HyperNewt/Action Names/MoreInfo (hard); More prefs
(easyish); USB Keyboard emulation (um...); Let me get 1.2 out the door
first, then we'll talk.


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