Re: [NTLK] Programming for the Newton?

From: Leandro <>
Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 20:37:25 EDT

Greetings, Landon :)

On 4/9/07, Landon Rodgers <> wrote:
> I wanna program my eMate, but I can't seem to find a good primer on it.
> I've got the developer's guide and such, but they don't really provide a
> good introduction to it. What does everyone here suggest?

Playing with ViewFrame is a nice idea. Seeing how other programs work,
trying to see how the objects relate and that kind of stuff is pretty
simple with ViewFrame -- and since you have an eMate, typing code
isn't going to be that hard :)

Then, reading Apple's NewtonScript book might help you a lot. If
you've ever programmed in dynamic-typed, object oriented languages,
you should feel at home (at least I did, being a Python programmer,
although NS uses some different paradigms when it comes to objects --
it is much more like JavaScripty).

After that, you may find a simple tutorial on how to use Newton
Toolkit to make a Hello World on the web (I don't have the link right
now, but it should be easy to find). Since now you'll have a far
better understanding on how the Newton environment works, it should be
simple to catch -- although NT seems a little awkward compared to
other similar "RAD" tools, such as Delphi or RealBasic.

But, anyway, I've never developed for the Newton platform. I've just
played with some things, like writing some functions for Eclipse GX or
MathStar -- that was fun, but nothing to be really proud of :)


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