Re: [NTLK] Help with cursive recognition?

From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Apr 11 2007 - 18:37:57 EDT

On 4/11/2007 5:46 PM, wrote:
> I used to use Newtons all the time back in the '90s but got out
> before Newton OS 2.0. So now I acquired an eMate and the first thing
> I tried was to write something on the screen - hello - and it was
> recognized as an "M"! I write cursively, letters all connected, and
> cannot get the eMate to recognize these words as more than a single
> letter. If I print (or cursively write) one letter at a time it's
> great, recognition is actually perfect - but I want that old-
> fashioned write-a-whole-word-connected-together-cursively recognition
> thing to work.
> What am I doing wrong???

There is a setting in preferences called Handwriting Recognition that
allows you to set Printing or Cursive and to adjust the spacing. Also
the item "Writing Practice" should help your Newt to learn your writing.
 But do keep in mind the "cursive" recognizer is not as good as the
"printing" one. But changing this setting will definitely help it.


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