[NTLK] OT. Legacy (Classic) software free to a good home.

From: Jon Scordia <jscordia_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Apr 12 2007 - 13:59:39 EDT

Hi List(s) sorry for the cross post.

It's time to clear out some cupboard shelves, here in Glasgow,
Scotland, and I have amassed a huge amount of software and manuals,
mainly for OS9 graphics/design type applications over the years.

I keep thinking I'll sell it on eBay, but because it owes me nothing
I would rather just see it go to someone who will appreciate it.

So my questions to the list are:

1. whether there are any charities or other organisations out there
that make use of recycled software;

2. whether anyone here is interested in taking any of this stuff at
postage cost.

I'm not at home so cannot create a definitive list. From memory I
have this sort of stuff:

1. Mac 3d modelling software, all boxed, all with manuals, some was
educational and with relevant reg. codes. (need to think about legit
passing these over)

Modelshop, Strata Studio Pro and some others of that vintage. Several
non-photoshop bitmap graphics packages.

2. Various Mac games:

Myst, Another World, a Japanese version of Marathon (!) boxed. That
Connectix Virtual playstation software.

3. Old system 7 and 8 install disks plus a variety of other apple

Sorry i dont have a better list, I'm trying to guage whether its
worth posting the whole lot.

4. And some hardware, Pinnacle PCI video grabber card plus what was
an amazing MOTU 8 in 8 out audio interface with PCI card (G4
compatable, maybe not G5)



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