Re: [NTLK] Discovering that Newtons don't bounce (Surgical proceedures)...

From: Gareth Jan Wells <>
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 09:23:31 EDT

Hi all

Thanks to everyone who offered advice, sympathy or encouragement to dive
in and do a repair. Well friends, I've had something of a courage
U-turn, thanks to Russ Bravo who has offered me a dead MP120 for
transplant purposes. This dead Newt gives me some surgical practice and
I'm hopeful I can simply swap ToHOCs (see, I've been reading Frank
Gruendel's excellent guides). More importantly, Frank Gruendel suggested
I buy one of his refurbished MP130s, which gives me a fallback plan if
it all goes pearshaped on the surgery front. Sure, I thought about
buying one of the bargain MP2100s from J & K Sales, but stacking up a
battery cage, dongle, cover plus postage and customs duty to the
UK...well it's not such a bargain. In any case, this has underlined just
how useful and usable my MP120 was. Sitting on a bus, stuck in traffic
today I was thinking 'Well at least I can get on with some work...oh...'

I'll report back once surgery is completed...

Best wishes

Gareth Wells

  Gareth Jan Wells
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