Re: [NTLK] Moving Files

From: Dan <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 17:14:33 EDT

Well if you want to move all data from all stores (internal and storage
card 1 for example) to one particular store (move it all to card 2).
Then go into extras, tap the diamond at the top of the screen to switch
to "storage". Then tap the soup you want to move (dates, todo, names) a
dialog box pops up and tap on the folder icon in that box (bottom right
corner) and select which store you want to move it to.

If you just want to move some data (certain dates for example) go into
the app where the data is (dates, names etc) then go into overview mode
(tab the big dot in the dock) and check the ones you want to move and
tap the folder icon at the bottom and then select which one store you
want to move it to


On 4/16/2007 3:56 PM, Dan Spiegel wrote:
> Hello-
> This is a total noob question, but how does one move files from a sotrage
> card onto the Newton? I have a 2(1)00 with cards that should have things on
> them, but I seem unable to locate, much less move items from the cards to
> the Newton.
> I've searched through the Newton FAQ and a PDF of the owner's manual and am
> surprised at the difficulty in finding this information. Perhaps I need to
> think in a different manner..?
> Dan

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