Re: [NTLK] Moving Files

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 01:24:14 EDT

It is not always clear what a new Newton user knows.
tap the extras drawer icon
tap the round dot (overview)
You should now see where each item in the selected folder.
tap the diamond on the folder tab at the top and see the options.
You may select the storage device. and see only the icons in that
storage device.
To move an item in the overview (list) check the item and then tap
the folder icon on the lower right. Follow the directions. To
choose an icon in icon mode tap and hold till it squeaks .
You also may want to look at the user manual
see <>
or use the tour package
se <>

On Apr 16, 2007, at 2:56 PM, Dan Spiegel wrote:

> Hello-
> This is a total noob question, but how does one move files from a
> sotrage
> card onto the Newton? I have a 2(1)00 with cards that should have
> things on
> them, but I seem unable to locate, much less move items from the
> cards to
> the Newton.
> I've searched through the Newton FAQ and a PDF of the owner's
> manual and am
> surprised at the difficulty in finding this information. Perhaps I
> need to
> think in a different manner..?
> Dan

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