Re: [NTLK] Palm LifeDrive

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 14:39:34 EDT

Obviously, given the iPhone, he has changed his mind about the
(external) keyboard.

On 17. Apr, 2007, at 14:26, Ed Kummel wrote:

> From a Pen Computing article from 1998 (
> Newton/AppleKillsNewton(PCM22).html)
> "Apple makes computers, and computers have keyboards"
> This supposedly is a quote from Steve Jobs during a Newton Inc re-
> absorption meeting attended by an acquaintance. According to this
> theory, Jobs has no use for handheld, keyboard-less devices like
> the MessagePad--just as he once had no use for hard drives on the
> Macintosh. He just doesnít seem to understand the fact that
> millions of people donít work sitting at a desk in an office
> building. They walk around, and have no laps on which to put laptops.

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