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Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 21:28:05 EDT

i used to have a wacom tablet, i liked it a lot. I just never understood
why the powerbooks and now the macbook pro's didnt incorporate a small
wacom tablet in the wrist rest area, especially in the 17". I look at mine
and I feel there is ample room for a small wacom digitizer there. I dont
really like the idea that I have to carry around another item along with
the laptop just to do drawing and such. thats why the mod book is so

and for me it would be plenty powerfull enough for iMovie and iDVD as I use
my 1.67 G4 to do all that right now and those are faster.

I am starting to talk myslef into one i think.
anyone interested in a used PB 17" G4 1.67? heh heh, actually I couldnt
sell it, if i have only a modbook, whats the wife gonna use when I take the
MB with me everywhere i go and she doesnt come with me?


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From: William Pociengel
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 18:54:42 -0500
Subject: Re: [NTLK] INTEL MID use Apple Icon wrote:
> so the tablet is required?
> too bad. I found a usb optical mouse that is in the shape of a pen. I
> hoping that the HWR would accept that, but I guess not. :(
> I have been considering a Wacom Cintiqe (spelling) for the wife, but the
> price was always too high. one of these mod books is actually near in
> price to the wacom but it has much more advantages to it.
> thing is, if i get one for her for chirstmas, will she ever get to use it?

actually I believe you'll be happier with the smaller Wacom tablet, as
you will be moving your hands much less than a large tablet. people use
the large tablet for cad and drawing not as a mouse replacement.


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