Re: [NTLK] INTEL MID use Apple Icon

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 21:42:53 EDT

Tony Kan wrote:
> I agree but I was applying 80/20 rule thinking at the time.
> For me the Assist feature is used relatively rarely (maybe once a
> month?) whilst everything else gets a solid work out everyday. Using
I have rarely used the assist (I had to go hunting for the icon ;-) but
I rely heavily on the interconnectedness (is that a word?)of my data.

> conventional files instead of soups should (at a guess) reduce the
I assume you mean some sort of flat file? just remember that
'conventional' files tend to be indirect access but I believe soups are
direct access. you are working on the actual data itself, not a copy.

> amount of programming effort required whilst someone else can add a
> "desktop search/find" capability through an add-in (by way of an
> example).

> In my mind I have a concept of getting 80% of the Newton experience
> for 20% the effort, whilst still being able to interact reasonably
> easily with the outside world which still uses a file-based paradigm
> rather than a soup-based one.don't think 'soup' think database and you get a bit closer to the truth.
I believe the term soup was coined to explain that data just swirled
around in there mixing and matching where ever it came to be. yeah it
pathetic but it's how I explain it to other people and it gets the point
across close enough.


but then I could be wrong about the whole thing ;-)

Special knowledge can be a terrible disadvantage if it leads you too
far along a path that you cannot explain anymore.
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