Re: [NTLK] Database applications (and stationery)

From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 20:27:22 EDT

Well there also is Ebase which is a free database that is a Works
extension and it can upload its data to a desktop client that it comes
with. It is simple but might suit your needs. I personally would go
with filepad. NewtDB is database software which is good, however that
is no longer regesterable (at least I have not been able to get a hold
of the author). As for the others, they are probably the same in this

As for stationary, yes you could customize it and make the notepad into
a simple database. The only problem with that is the notepad can only
be exported as the data as you see it and not tab or comma delimited
(unless you write something to customize it). In other words it does
not export or import various database formats too readily. While it can
be done it is not the easiest method.

Probably easier method would be to use Card Media. Cardmedia expands
the Names app with custom cards. It is open source so you can create
any cards you want (it includes a few card types). Another advantage is
there are several ways to export Names data into tab delimited files
that can then be easily imported (or exported) into other desktop formats.


On 4/18/2007 3:02 PM, John Chu wrote:
> Hi,
> I just got a MP2000U. (I have to say that the handwriting recognition
> is much better than I had expected. However, keep in mind that
> Graffiti has always hated me. In many ways, the HWR experience is
> better than that of a Tablet PC.)
> Anyways, I was looking into database applications. I see that there
> are a bunch at UNNA. Can anyone make any recommendations? (I see that
> FilePad is free. It looks like everything else is a demo which can no
> longer be registered?)
> Also, can someone explain (or point me to an explanation of)
> stationery? It seems to me that if you make your own stationery, you
> could use the Notepad as a (simple) database?
> Thanks.
> john

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