[NTLK] apologies for a basic topic

From: Danny Mann <iamdmann_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 13:36:50 EDT

but i've been going through archives and every article i can find online

i'm trying to get online with a 2100 using a wavelan tubro bronze card

i've installed: the wireless driver, lantern patch, updated newton
devices file, everything else that I came across and still no luck.
the activity lights on the wireless card blink, but i keep getting
dns errors both when using a manual setup and with dhcp. i have an
airport extreme n basestation and i've tried that both with dhcp as
well as with assigning an ip address to the mac address on the newt.
the base station has no password but i do restrict access based on
MAC address (wireless card's mac address is allowed)

any help is appreciated and i'm sorry to bother the list with such a
basic question, but i haven't had any success after several weeks of
trying (different routers, etc)

thanks very much,

Danny Mann

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