Re: [NTLK] Terminal?

From: Dan Lingman <>
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 19:34:30 EDT

I'll second the vote for pt100.

Rather amazed some people watching it hooked up to a terminal server for
debugging Nortel gear.


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On 20-apr-07, at 11:04, Steven Scotten wrote:

> I'm sure that SSH is totally out of the question, but how about
> terminal emulator software? I'm not all that concerned with
> encryption if I'm connecting to a machine in the same room with a
> serial cable. =^)
> Five out of five terminal programs listed in the FAQ
> are dead or blocked links.

i've used pt100 when i was a system administrator to configure cisco
routers. a very neat program. I used my dektop machine as a bridge to
ssh behind a private lan. works even with NIE

look it up on

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