Re: [NTLK] Newton reclassification

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 10:47:56 EDT

Rod wrote:
> On 25/04/2007, at 8:04 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:
>> ~~~ On 2007/04/25 11:42, Andrew Forrest at wrote ~~~
>>> Most say it's a PDA but it does more than that, a lot more.
> I think the term PDA got twisted by Palm and the likes. I still see
> the Newt as a Personal Digital Assistant, in the way Sculley and the
> original Newton dev team coined the term. It helps me keep track of
> my day, communicate with the outside world and helps my find out what
> is happening in that outside world. Just like an Assistant :-)

It's my girl (or guy for you of the female persuasion) Friday without
the cute smile ;-) remembers everything I've long since forgotten ;-)
That's the #1 reason I began with a newt so long ago. I just lost track
of time / meetings / things to be done.

In short, just like a real assistant or secretary of long ago days, it's
an extension of me that helps me to get things done.


ps a newton is not required to be wedded to the hardware, but it just is
because there doesn't seem any other place for it to be.

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far along a path that you cannot explain anymore.
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