Re: [NTLK] Update & Need of Programming

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 17:01:20 EDT

> Unfortunately, I have hadthe USPS lose my last
two sets
> of cards and have none left. Frank has offered
some cards
> to me on the cheap to replenish, I just haven't
had the
> time to complete that transaction. Frank, if you
> this, I'm still interested - just trying to get
my bearings...


your cards are packed and have been waiting to be
sent since
mid-January. But I'm afraid we'll never cut this
deal unless
you find a way to ensure my mails do not (as in:
NEVER) end
up in your spam filters. I've sent you 4 mails
January 24 and February 3, all of which probably
rot in
your spam mail folder. These days I rarely find
the time for
repeated conversation attempts. And, frankly, I'm
THAT willing to spend it because I think it's
better spent on
playing with my daughter. Soon she'll no longer be
in playing with her dad :-)

Why not create a brand-new and completely
un-protected mail
account at gmx for as long as we need to pull this
through?? All I need is your current address and
info on
whether you want insurance or not...



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