From: Huxley Dunsany <huckdunsany_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 10:25:03 EDT

Hi gang!
I (finally!) got my Newton 2100 syncing with my new 17" MacBook Pro
tonight (it's now 4:27am - once I got started, it was hard to
stop...), and I'm just starting to figure it all out. I just
finished downloading the entire UNNA archive (via BitTorrent), and
there's a lot of fun stuff in there (along with a ton of stuff that I
totally don't understand yet). One question that popped up very soon
after I got the Newt to sync for the first time: how do I make my
own books for the 2100? eReader is probably my most heavily-used
program on my Palm TX - I love reading ebooks! - and I'd like to be
able to make my own book files for the Newt. Any tips?

Thanks a bunch,


Huxley Dunsany
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