Re: [NTLK] Q and A Re: (Practically) Free newt-compatible ethernet card

From: Grant Hutchinson <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 21:52:25 EDT

I'm a bit late getting into this thread, but I thought I would clarify a couple of things regarding
Tom's most generous offer and the following questions.

First of all, I'd like to thank Tom for organizing this.

> Q: I'm having trouble donating to NewtonTalk. How can I send them
> money?
> A: NewtonTalk is now being run by Grant Hutchinson, the same guy who
> has run the Newted Community for a number of years. I'm pretty sure
> that you can use link at and just include a note that
> it's really for NewtonTalk. (It's all coming out of Grant's pocket).

Yes, I am currently running both NewtonTalk and the Newted Community. So donations through the Newted
Community site will end us helping the NewtonTalk mailing list - if needed.

Currently, I am not incurring any hosting cost for NewtonTalk, as that is provided generously through by folks like Bill Shamam and Charlie 'Yeled' Allom. There will be expensed when the
domain name needs to renewed down the road and so on.

However, The Newted Community site is hosted out of my basement on a business DSL line, along with 40
or so other sites. There are bandwidth, connection and hardware maintenance costs associated with
this site. Any donations received are applied directly against my raw hosting costs and not into my

Once I get up to speed on the rest of this list-dad stuff, I plan on updating the NewtonTalk site to
include a proper means of donating - should another feel the whim.

> Q: Can I donate to Unna?
> A: Sure. I didn't include them since they're looking for someone to
> host/run the site and things seem to be in flux. In fact, you can
> make a donation to *any* Newton-related site or organization that
> provides a service to the greater community.

I'm pleased to say that hosting and maintenance of UNNA is not in flux. UNNA has been graciously
taken over my the very capable Morgan Aldridge. Changes and improvement are indeed afoot over at
UNNA. A few details of the 'takeover' can be found on Morgan's site:

As you were. (And thanks for all the donations so far.)



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