[NTLK] Thanks for the helpful comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

From: Tom Brand (T2) <thomasbrand_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 00:13:50 EDT

I just wanted to send out this email thanking all of those who took a
look at my site mynewtonblog.net and made helpful comments,
criticisms, and suggestions. I have made several modifications to the
site in order to increase its level of authenticity as well as it's
compatibility among different browsers. Thanks again, and as always I
will continue to make updates, improvements, and release new features
in the future.

Thomas Brand (T2)

> So I kept my word and implemented a slew of new visual features
> onto my Newton WordPress blog. Please consider visiting my site
> mynewtonblog.net and leaving your feedback by sending me an email
> or by dropping a quick comment on the InOut chat page. I know this
> request isn't directly Newton related but I thought all of you
> would be the best to leave some valuable feedback regarding the
> authentic reproduction of a Newton MessagePad 2100 my site is
> attempting to reproduce. Remember it is always a work in progress.
> Thanks for your comments, and suggestions.

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