Re: [NTLK] Documents

From: Dan <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 09:46:45 EDT

Well NCU can import or export a document from Newtworks but it only runs
in Classic. I don't know if NCX can or not....ah it looks like it can.
 Give it a try

As for NewtSync, yes there are many cases of Sync going badly (even on
other newer platforms) which is why you ALWAYS should backup beforehand.
 Even if sync worked for years, I wouldn't trust it. For some reason
when you start to trust it (again even on other newer platforms) is when
they decide to strike heh. Usually though it is not something critical,
just adding several duplicates (at least in general). But as you can
see that is not always the case and you want to do a backup beforehand
and keep a few older backups as well....just in case you find something
missing or changed down the road that restoring a backup is the best way
to fix the problem.


On 4/27/2007 2:23 AM, Steven Scotten wrote:
> So hey, what's the best way to get a document, say a NewtWorks paper,
> from an eMate or an MP2000U onto an OS X machine and vice versa? Is
> this something I need to do through Classic? looks like the only
> thing NewtSync can do (with NewtWorks docs) is dump the NewtWorks
> Soup, and I don't know what good that can do.
> Besides, NewtSync and I are angry at one another ever since it
> overwrote my Mac address book entries with the contents of the
> Newton's address book entries, resulting in losing some email
> addresses that changed . No big deal, but we're still in the looking
> pouty and not speaking phase.
> Dear Lord, I'm anthropomorphizing software. This can't be a good
> sign....
> Steve

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