Re: [NTLK] Newton reclassification

From: Steve Scotten <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 16:05:13 EDT

Lord Groundhog wrote:
> In the time it takes me
> to do the 2-thumb tango to enter a name and phone number on my Sony Ericsson
> and save it (the only data I bother with on the phone), I can scribble in a
> new contact complete with name, phone number and address.

ARRRGH! I really must know how you people do it. I want the secret! I'm
tired of being the only person on Earth whose handwriting the Newton
won't recognize accurately.

OK, remember a couple of weeks ago all that hullaballoo I made over
being able to graffiti a sentence accurately in 22 seconds compared to
writing it on Newt in 30 (complete with typos for me to fix)? Well, the
thumbboard is even faster than graffiti for me. I just pounded out the
"Time has come..." line in 20 seconds flat---a dead heat for the time it
took me to write it out on paper with my Parker 51.

I despair of this! If I could write accurately with Newt it would be
only a third slower than graffiti for me, not three times slower! And
seventy zillion times more convenient.

So: how is it done? Please discuss.



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