Re: [NTLK] Newton reclassification

From: Andrew Forrest <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 19:37:53 EDT

Hi there all.

I was at work when this question popped into my head so I decided to
ask the group what they thought.

I didn't expect the responses that I have been reading over the last
few days. They range from a simple yes/no and the reason to what-ifs
and beyond. Taking in the iPhone, smalltalk, einstein etc.

Yes, the Palm was small and a usefull device. I got one when they
came out. In the shop window was a Newton 2100 next to it. I just
wish that at that time I had gone the Newton route. I would have
saved me a fortune as Palms, until recently, had little expansion and
so to get more memory, speed etc, you had to buy a new one.

I'm on Palm no 5, a T3 and am not going to change it. It is getting
used less and less as the 2100 comes to the fore and just does what I
want it to do.

OK, it takes a while to hunt down some of the software for it but I
find that part of the fun. If I get stuck on something I just have to
ask the great and good in the chat and someone will have tried the
same thing and have an answer in less than a day.

I would love to see an updated Newt based on Einstein in something
like that screen-on-chip device that was discussed here last week.

It seems now with the current fad for book readers that a modernised
Newt, with software already in place could steal a jump on some of
the other ideas. All it needs really is a modern, more reliable sync
and a toolkit that runs on modern machines. (Just wait and they will

The Newton was so far ahead that even now some of the features have
still not appeared on other machines.



PS looking for wired and wireless net cards to complete my Newt setup.

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