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Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 20:37:58 EDT

Directly relevant article from a couple of days ago:
Looking at the Newt's "training" screen show a clear bias towards
Palmer style, tho it is >not< an absolute requirement.
I believe regularity is actually far more important.

On 27. Apr, 2007, at 20:09, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> ~~~ On 2007/04/27 21:05, Steve Scotten at
> wrote ~~~
>> ARRRGH! I really must know how you people do it. I want the secret!
>> ...
>> So: how is it done? Please discuss.
> 1. I suspect my generation is nearly the last to have been drilled
> rigorously in "penmanship"; i.e., in a system of cursive writing
> based upon
> a carefully and coherently designed cursive alphabet which requires
> a fairly
> high degree of standardization of the forms of the individual
> letters as
> well as the correct ligatures (the ways for joining the letters). Our
> particular cursive alphabet, and the cursive alphabet of several in
> the USA
> at that time, was referred to in our school as the "Palmer" system,
> slightly
> modified.
> 2. I also suspect my generation is nearly the last to have been
> required not
> only to learn said alphabet and practise it in twice weekly
> "penmanship
> lessons" from 2nd grade onwards, but to use it in all our other
> lessons.

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