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Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 10:35:10 EDT

> > Not me. At this point, I'm on the wrong side of the Pacific to get
> > excited about the iPhone :-) Also, its not an open platform. The
> > only way (at this stage) to run apps that you want is through Safari
> > as a web app. I'm guessing there will be a lot of Ruby on Rails and
> > WebObjects developers popping up :-)

If you want to join an exciting, respected, open community developing
an essentially OPEN SOURCE phone platform built on Linux, check out
www.openmoko.org. I'm calling it *essentially* open source because
although they're striving to use 100% GNU-licensed software, there are
a few core packages that cannot be released under a GNU license. The
nearly 100% goal will mean that you can install just about anything
you want on your phone. Try *that*, Apple. Talk about black and white.

I've been watching this for about a year now. I've suggested they
incorporate some of Newton's handwriting recognition (HWR) in their
Neo 1973 (their first release). I tried getting a Phase 0 phone (a
free phone sent out to key developers for SW and HW development) to
Paul Guyot for his experimentations with Einstein. Unfortunately there
wasn't enough devices available to accommodate my suggestion.

Their community forum discusses and debates design ideas daily. If
there's enough input from idea-people for the developers to wrap their
hands around a new idea, you could easily see your idea implemented in
an upcoming release. They've got the interest and the resources to
make things happen, even though it's a volunteer, open-source group.

There is a touch application module API and a stylus application
module API built into the device. Want to see Newton or pieces of
Newton come to life again on OpenMoko's Neo 1973? Check it out!

Doug Parker

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