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From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 17:41:32 EDT

no one used PDF's and word or excel spreadsheets were requested in rtf
and comma delimited format. Though most stuff came in as plain text. I
created more than I imported (I was a data source as opposed to a data
sink) so that wasn't usually a problem.

At the time I was a principle at EDS and as such I was self administered
  / directed so if I didn't care for something I just told them and it
was redone to my specifications. most import/export was via rtf's and as
long as they weren't to large they cam right into works (I don't recall
what the size of the largest import was at this time) but I do recall
that rtf's while large became smaller when imported into works (well at
least they took much less space, If memory serves me correctly ;-) when
you get old you lose 3 things, the first is your memory and I forget the
other 2 ;-)

Which reminds me. HEY Woody, et-al any particular time to get together
this year for a cookout at my place? ~45 minutes or so from your place,
due east.


ps if your willing to help with my masters project then you can come
anytime ;-)'

Tony Kan wrote:
> William
> You have exceeded my expectations. Thanks muchly. What did you do if someone sent you an PDF, Excel or MS Word attachment?
> Cheers
> Tony
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> Does this answer your questions?
> William
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