[NTLK] FS - Harris/Draconian SuperTech2000 & ask for other items in interested.

From: Sonny Hung <sonnyhung_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 21:00:13 EDT

[NTLK] FS - Harris/Draconian SuperTech2000 & ask for other items in
I'm letting go of one of these units.
Photos of one of my units is located here.
The first 17 photos are of one of my units.
The unit is complete.
It powers up fine.

You will get the following:
Harris/Draconian SuperTech2000
This has the Flip Cover which also acts as a stand.
The Battery Cover which uses a screw to secure it.
The backlight works fine.
The PCMCIA Rubber Seal
To use this unit you will have to jury rig an adapter converter to power it
from a Newton Power Adapter.
I have made one of these but it's actually sold already and it's only in my
possession temporarily till I can get it shipped to it's owner.
Which will be soon cause I'm clearing my basement of anything that needs to
be return to their owner and I'm trying to get those out the door before my
next vacation.

No Stylus, Hand Strap, Battery Pack or Protective Boot included.

I've got a second ST2K available also - be aware that I have which is a
production unit with all the labels which I also have a second unit that's a
The prototype will of course be more and BOTH WORK.

I've got a set price in mind which will include shipping.
First offer to meet this minimum number will get this unit shipped to their
front door via USPS Priority Mail.
I will take PayPal bank funded (Not credit or debit card funded)

I'm trying to avoid eBay but that will be a last resort.
I've got a reasonable price in mind so please make a blind offer.
I'm not waiting for a high price just the first person to offer my minimum.
So bid quick as I'd rather it go to a Newton Enthusiast.
I'll be posting some regular items for a quick sale soon as I'm clearing out
the extras that are left and just keeping the essentials.
If you have a want just send me an offer for what you are looking for.
Include a ZIP and I'll give you back a price shipped via USPS Priority
Remember one thing I prefer things to be shipped CONUS if at all possible so
find a person locally in the US that can forward your item.
I'm not shipping international unless I know you from a previous transaction
Need to clear out one corner of the basement of stuff I'm not using and I
was asked to clear at least a small portion of my Newton Stuff by the
She's not aware of the other boxes so I'm safe for now...

To those who I have stuff for - I'm actually trying to package and get the
remaining stuff together to ship them all out so that this will alleviate
the clutter my wife sees.
So I may have some clearance stuff available also but I've not decided what
is clearance yet.

BTW - I do have a few 7W Newton Adapters I can let go of. I might have a few
9W Adapters too. Will have to double check.

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God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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