Re: [NTLK] FlashPoint

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 13:11:23 EST

On Dec 2, 2007 12:32 PM, John <> wrote:
> I'm reading David Allen's GTD [Getting Things Done] and by chance I also
> came across the following GTD'esque package called "FlashPoint" here:
> <>
> I'm curious if anyone is using FlashPoint, in particular in conjunction
> with the GTD approach? If so how are you using it and are what's your
> opinion of FlashPoint? I've decided to test drive FlashPoint as a mini
> project manager organizer to-do type application but would love to hear
> of your experience and uses for FlashPoint

You might want to read Eckhart Köppen's own experiences with following
the GTD methodologies on the Newton, including the development and use
of Flashpoint:


I tried Flashpoint for a while and found that there were a few major
bugs that I might've worked through until being able to provide a
patch for or investigate thoroughly enough that Eckhart could then
fix, but that I just spent way too much time trying to organize
everything by project and not enough time being able to quickly add or
resolve "Next Actions". I personally just use Dates and Adam Tow's
NewtToDo for my personal, half-assed implementation of GTD. I keep
intending to switch to using HyperNewt to manage my "Projects", but
need to clean up the stuff I've already got filed in it first so I
just leave them as a separate list/folder in NewtToDo.

For some reason I've never really gotten into the likes of DateMan or
MoreInfo, but many people here on the list are more than satisfied
with them for implementing GTD (Eckhart included).

Morgan Aldridge

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