Re: [NTLK] Goodbye

From: Stephan Weber <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 12:37:25 EST

I'm a newcomer to Apple. I've been using / programming windows PC's
since Windows 3.1.1. I don't know what made me wait so long to try any
Apple products, maybe it was my kids carping about how nasty my PC was
compared to the Mac at school.... (stoopid anal adult).

I bought an emate to give to one of my sons for his bday as a retro
gift. Fell in love with it myself. Bought a few more emates. A friend
gave me his old MP200U. Now I'm bad in love.

I tried Palms of various flavours, many PC's including my Slate (Love
the form factor, hate the internal, self-degenerative, design). I
can't say anything bad about my Newton. Most of my cow-orkers envy me
my Newt.

Just bought a couple older Macs, and really like them as well. The PC
is now relagated to server and storage status.

Best things:
Note taking, especially after I could handwrite in Works.
Especially in meetings, no "divider" in anybodies face.
I liked the slate for that as well.
Solo DX
Long battery life, and runs on AA's so I can swap anytime.
Very readable screen.
Awesome storage capacity with Paul's PC card mod.

I still can't get my Wifi connection working.

I don't have much trouble syncing with the PC. Have not tried the Mac
yet. Having to hunt for older hardware doesn't bother me at all, I
actually enjoy it.

I'd be lost without my Newt now.


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