Re: [NTLK] Sample TCP/IP NewtonScript Source Code?

From: Adriano <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 05:27:12 EST

Hello Nathan,

here is a link to the direct download of a Newton finger app:

I am sorry there's no code or NTK project available for it. Maybe you
could just monitor from a desktop using the ToolKit, or debug from the
Newton itself using ViewFrame, as follows:

[Mac d/l]
[Win d/l]

Regards, Adriano
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12/dic/07 Nathanial Hendler wrote:

> I've downloaded the large Development bundle from UNNA, searched
> NewtonTalk's archives, and google, and I can't find sample
> NewtonScript TCP/IP source code. I was hoping that something like
> NetTest or a simple finger client with source would be available so I
> could get started with a simple Internet app I'd like to write. Can
> anyone point me in the correct direction?
> Thanks,
> Nathan H

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