[NTLK] [FS] MessagePad 130 $30?

From: Theodore Lotz <tlotz_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 22:40:04 EST

Good evening all!
Found your list while browsing the web and wanted to offer up my
Messagepad 130 if anybody was interested. I haven't used it in years
and would love to see it go to a person that would actually use it.

It's the messagepad 130 itself, I have a 4MB flash card in it, it has
the original battery pack and it does still hold a decent charge (it
did last at least the couple hours I was playing with it). I just
replaced the backup battery so that's brand new and working. I have
the DB9-serial cable for sure, and I'm pretty sure I have the old Mac-
serial cable somewhere as well. I even have the original Mac floppy
software, but no way to test those. And an AC adapter, it's a radio
shack multi-setting unit, but it works great. I also have a CD of
software from 1998 for it (from NOS 1.x thru the 2x00 stuff, but only
the 2.0 stuff is for mine.)

The unit is practically flawless (i think like one minor scratch on
the front) and that's it. screen's perfect, be glad to forward
pictures of it if requested.

I'm only thinking $30 plus shipping for all of it. I just don't use
it anymore (haven't for years) and like I said, would rather it go to
someone that wants it than to be lost to history (my basement) or
worse, the landfill.

Thanks all!

Theodore Lotz

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