[NTLK] 2100 Package For Sale

From: W. Guy Finley <wgfinley_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Dec 15 2007 - 15:57:25 EST

I'm offering this up here before I eBay it. The Newton has been
gathering in dust since my iPhone's summer arrival so I figured it was
time to give it to a good home. I have the following which were all
purchased early this year. My overwhelming preference is to sell this
as a package as I just don't see the time packing and shipping all
this stuff different places. I will listen to all offers though.

MP2100 with cover & stylus - purchased from J&K this year, very nice
condition, some wear around the corners but in great shape.
Battery (I would put it at 70%)
AA Battery Tray (what I usually used with Energizer Lithiums, great
9V AC adapter
Carlise leather zip case (purchased new in March)
WaveLAN Gold 802.11 Card
3 LAN cards (2 x 3Com 3CXE589ET and 1 x 3Com 3CXE589DT)
1 Slot Blank
1 24MB and 1 4MB flash card
Ultimate Newton CD (packages are loaded on the 24MB card)

NOW, the caveat. The Newt has been hibernating peacefully in the
Carlise in a drawer and was operating perfectly, I had pulled the
batteries. Now it won't boot up, it's on the 9V charger right now.
So unless there's some secret "return from the dead" step I'm missing
I do not know the status of the 2100 itself.

I'll take the first reasonable offer, I have around $300 invested here
this year but will take much less to give her to a good home. I have
a 175 rating with no negatives on eBay and will be happy to take
payment through Paypal.



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