Re: [NTLK] Email storage on Card

From: Simon Bell <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 2007 - 06:30:45 EST

On 14 Dec, 2007, at 2:01 pm, Greg Hankins wrote:

> I am having trouble getting both MailV and iNet to access one
> particular POP3 account; they work fine on others.
> The account lives on a GoDaddy mailserver under my business domain:
> The front end of the address adds another seven
> characters to that. I'm getting a login error (invalid password,
> though I know it's correct) and am wondering if there's a string
> length limit on the login that the Newton email programs can handle.
> Because fo the way the server works, my login would be about 26
> characters.

There’s no string limit per se in Mail V, but when I saw this report
I checked the Mail V code and saw that if you have a user name longer
than 50 characters and use the SMTP AUTH LOGIN mechanism there could
be a login failure. I can’t speak for iNet.

If you run the debug version of Mail V you can log the session to see
exactly what is being sent. (See the user guide.)


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