[NTLK] Linear flash

From: <peanjo_at_algonet.se>
Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 07:41:51 EST

Hello (again)!
Have been thinking about getting a few linear flash cards. However,
I'm not sure what to get, from eBay.
How can I be sure which one works?
I bought a truckload of 4 MB cards this summer. I thought that they
would be perfect for my MP2100. Unfortunately, none of them work. Not
even with ATA card support from Kallisys. I don't have the full version
as Paul stopped selling the product after I tried it out. But I don't
think that it matters, since I got a rather large negative error
message. (-10607?)
On eBay I search for Linear flash, and get this result:


This one, for instance, is 5V:

Would that work?

Thanks in advance,


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