[NTLK] Slowdown.exe and WinXP Prof

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Dec 20 2007 - 14:21:20 EST

I rarely have problems backing up with NCU, but these are a few things
I found to work consistently (voodoo, whateveh, YMMV).

I'm running a copy of WinXP Pro on a Motion Computing 1400 slate.

I find that running 2 copies of slowdown with a drag rate of 1/3 on
each is just about right.

If I need to slow it down further, which I occasionally do, I add a
3rd copy of slowdown, again with a drag rate of 1/3.

It does not work for me to run a single copy with a drag of 2/3 or
3/3. The extra processes seem to make all the difference.


I open all software (1 NCU, 2 slowdown) before I start any slowdown running.

Start NCU.

I establish the initial connection between the newton and and NCU.

Start 2 copies of slowdown @ 1/3 each.

Try backup. Backup the internal and each card separately (don't do too
much at once).

If the internal backup crashes, start the 3rd copy of slowdown a @ 1/3
and wake up the connection again.

Try backup. At this point it usually works for me, if it didn't work before.

Keep the Newton and the PC on AC power so neither shuts down or goes
to sleep. If I let this happen, I have to reboot the PC and start

Another couple things.

I always make sure my Newton is on the same com port (in my case
COM5). If I have to switch COM ports, I also end up having to reboot
the PC and reconnect in the correct COM port (and set NCU to look at
the correct port).

The eMate is slower, and much pickier about backing up than my
MP2x00's. I never back up the cards in the eMate if I can help it. I
put them in the MP2X00 and let them back up from there.

Luck to you!

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