Re: [NTLK] Time for a little Newton help? (was Wireless Help?)

From: Ian P. Currie <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 2007 - 09:52:02 EST


Can't thank you enough. Funny how I've become obsessed with this
little project. Certainly, if you have the time to run through the
process on your second 2100 and send me the results, that would be

Your e-mail does help to eliminate a few variables, and I will be
testing again, beginning with a re-install of the relevant packages.

To simplify the project, all my attempts so far have been with WEP off,
but if / when I get it working, your comments on string / hex WEP will
be most helpful.

Good that you mention NCX as I've been trying to get that to work as a
confirmation that my card is actually capable of connecting to
SOMETHING. Not having any luck there either... would you be willing
to send along some details on how to configure things?

For example, it seems to me I have to first disconnect the computer
running NCX from the Airport Extreme network (that I can't connect to),
then create a network from the computer so the Newton can see it. Is
this right?

Then, configuring the Newton, Hiroshi's driver has to be reconfigured
for the new network? And in the Dock application, should I choose to
connect via Ethernet or TCP/IP ?

Thanks -


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