[NTLK] Linear Flash Cards for Sale?

Date: Fri Dec 28 2007 - 08:00:29 EST

I too am looking for flash cards larger than 10MB.
JK Sales sold a used Pretec 10Mb Flash Card Newton MessagePad 2100 2000
on eBay for $20.

I wrote to them asking about a card that would be R/W in my eMate as
well as my MP2100, and they said to write the List. Last time a posted
this kind of question I got a few responses about voltage, but I'm
looking for a manufacturer suggestion, so I can hunt some up.

Good luck, Greg, and thanks to any who can give me a clue.



Hi All!
Picking up on a suggestion Frank made, I'm checking to see if anyone on
the list has Newton-friendly linear flash cards for sale. If so, please
contact me off-list with details. I'm in the US -- North Carolina.

I think I'd prefer 10MB or larger, but if you have smaller capacity, let
me know about those as well.

I purchased a couple of 32MB SMART Modular Technologies Linear Flash PC
Cards from eBay and found that they in fact do not work in the MP2000 --
I get a "Newton cannot recognize this type of card" error.
I'll bet there is a list of approved cards that I missed someplace in
the FAQ. I'll have to go look . . .



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