[NTLK] ANNOUNCEMENT: Newton USB Dock Prototype

From: Knowledge Navigator <knowledgenavigator_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 28 2007 - 18:11:13 EST

Hello Newton Users!
I am pleased to announce that Newton development continues strong and that 2008 will once again hopefully be a banner year for the Newton platform. I have been working at furthering hardware development for the Newton platform and my hard work is nearing fruition.

This work is based on the FreeDock device manufactured in Germany and made available to a limited number of people by Florian Biehler back in 1997! His device made it possible to dock the Apple Newton and while docked enabled connection to the desktop (be it pc or mac) through Newton connection utilities as well as charging the unit and other functions which you can see here: http://www.pda-soft.de/freedock.html

The device I am currently working on has been developed so that it functions seamlessly with USB technology thereby opening up the market to Mac and PC users alike, the former of which has not had access to Serial ports for several years.

Production will be limited as I only have a limited number of the Newton connectors available and the sales will be held first to list members then expanded to my website and finally eBay. Think of this as a merging of technologies between Adriano Angelillis and Florian Biehler.

I have included some photos of the preliminary prototypes for you below.

If you are interested in purchasing a unit when manufacturing is done, please send me an email at knowledgenavigator@gmail.com indicating as such and you will be shortlisted so that once available you will have first access.

I have yet to determine pricing as production is not complete and pricing will be based on my costs. It would not be inaccurate to say that the price of the unit will be comparable to purchasing a Newton 2000 or 2100.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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