Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: Roman Pixell [GMail] <>
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 18:15:52 EST

On 2 jan 2007, at 08.15, James Wages wrote:

> For me, faster serial connectivity is far more important that
> improvements
> to Ethernet or wireless or even synching (and yes, I have an
> Ethernet and a
> wireless card for my Newton, and I would benefit from synching).
> And as I
> mentioned before, I am happy to pay you a reasonable fee for faster
> serial
> connects.
> Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts on improving serial
> connectivity.

personally, i would value bluetooth support most. but thats me i guess.

(i think that once you get the sync to work properly, there will only
be short incremental data transfer that will take less than a minute.
if i could do w/o cables, it would be a major improvement.)

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