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From: Rene Raggl <>
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Now, I would really love such a solution too. One that lets me sync
even actual office documents. I see your problem and I sit with the

I am a Area Manager (say salesman) and travel a lot. Often a customer
calls me to request something and I just don't have the time to fire
up my Laptop. With the flick of a switch the information is there on
the Newton. (It is there with the TX too, but it is a lot less
intuitive and writing down larger amounts of text e.g. meeting notes,
is a pain in the ass with the Palm).

Only thing I can suggest if you work with such large files is to
Backup, backup and backup again, a backup on a Memorycard specially
dedicated for backup purposes might help here. I also take care that
the notes on my Newton never get too large, if it does, I will start
a new note and naming it accordingly (i.e. Meeting1, Meeting2,
Meeting 3, Marketing Ideas 1, Marketing Ideas 2 and so on...)

Though data loss is something that has never happened to me with the
Newton. Quite the contrary. You see my MP120 was lying in a drawer
for 4-5 years now. The batteries were long dead (all of them). But
when I inserted fresh ones, it just powered up as if nothing had
happened. This is what I love about Newton, the saying is true:
Newton never dies it just gets fresh batteries.


Am 02.02.2007 um 23:14 schrieb gaudo:

> It is very good to see you, NewtonFolks!
> I lost few files exporting texts from Newton to my PC, but what I
> lost was
> very important. I am journalist and writer. I lost about 30 pages I
> wrote
> for a book and had to interrupt my work (that is why I sold my old
> 2100) to
> reorganize everything and change my writing device (I took the TX
> for a
> while). I feel much more free to write with a portable and no booting
> device.
> My configuration was very similar (PC and slowdown.exe and NCU).
> But my
> files are huge. Sometimes, the sync just freezes.
> I miss just take the memory card off and plug into my PC to make a
> file copy
> - like I can do with my pencentra 200 or Jornada, just picking up
> a .DOC
> file.
> But Newton is Newton, what a hell!!!!
> And I want to write on it.
> Any idea?
> Cheers
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> Bom dia, como vai?
> Hi Gaudo,
> Now I have also spent some time off the Newton (using a Tungsten E, a
> Ericsson MC218 and now a Palm TX) before I returned to my MP120 and
> recently got a mint-condition eMate. I am also awaiting a MP2100 to
> come in from
> Now to your problem: At my PC (Pentium IV running Win 2000) at work,
> I use slowdown.exe and the NCU to import and export text. Works like
> a charm. Spreadsheets however do not seem to work. Unfortunately. On
> the Mac (MacBook 2GHz on OS X.4.8) at home I use a Serial/USB Adapter
> and Escale OS X (and nSync to get my first data over, at least it
> works with the Adresses, had to transfer all my Calender events by
> hand though).
> Regards,
> Rene
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