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From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 20:44:39 EST

The heap may not be an issue if you keep your 2000 in a relatively
simple setup, I have used email via ethernet on a non-upgraded emate
successfully, a comparable heap situation. I do however suspect that
you will eventually decide to upgrade to 2100 capacity.

Your real problem i think is related to NewtonWorks. All of the
serious failures I have had with my 2100 have had to do with large
Newton works files on linear flash cards. I now isolate any large
file to a card with nothing else that I am concerned with at the
time. This reduces my exposure. I will also duplicate the file and
move the copy to a different card, from time to time. For me this is
critical because once a Works file gets corrupted, the whole card may

I have never had a failure on internal storage, so I reserve this for
Notes, Names and Dates storage.

Like you my belief is that email is the safest way to move a file
from NewtonWorks to the desktop.

Welcome back to the Newton and good luck.


On Feb 2, 2007, at 6:00 PM, gaudo wrote:

> René
> The heap of 2100 is bigger than the 2000´s heap, isn’t it?
> I think it causes a great difference. But, as any Newton user, you
> can bet
> that I will try to web on it, don´t you?
> But I bought a 3Com Ethernet pcmcia to try the Newton on a Windows
> LAN.
> cheers

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