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From: jg <>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 06:48:27 EST

I think the answer is very simple. You/we, are victims of propaganda
coming from different sources (like necessity of patriotic act and
fight against terrorism), on one side, and lack of orientation in
international politics, on the other. Next, possibly the most
important, was to hide facts. Facts saying how is beneficiary of the
chaos in the Middle East. Talking less philosophically, current
strategy was developed long before 9/11. This strategy was presented
to democrats and republicans, and accelerated after 9/11. It was well
known that it will cause chaos in Iraq and not only (we had
aggressive war in Lebanon, we have Palestinian problem, and of course
Iran). The aim is chaos. Not democracy, not to win but chaos. The
beneficiaries of this chaos in not USA. USA is used as a tool.
American solders are used to fight wars which are wars "in the name
of the global strategies" and Americans are so naive that they are
ready to pay for it. Beneficiaries are global corporations and global
networks of power. America, thanks to the wars it takes part in
directly or indirectly, had to dump the dollar by over 30%, does not
have money to develop the country. The diplomatic way of
communicating with other countries was cancelled. Cost of leaving are
higher now than before the war. National debt is huge. You ask me if
it is all true. I will tell you this. Two weeks ago CNN had an
interview with the General Manager of the latest conference of most
powerful CEOs in Davos, Switzerland. He said at CNN that "Power
should be distributed by networks". Why it is so important? In
democratic society power is elected and distributed by democratically
controlled institutions. If someone says to me that power should be
distributed by networks, I say NO. It is not democratic. Who controls
the networks, I say? No one. Networks are shadow governments,
governing over our heads. You like it? I repeat, America is a tool.

On 3-Feb-07, at 3:56 AM, Mathew Howe wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 2, 2007 Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:
>> I've found quite a few of us, wonder who actually decided to vote
>> him in a SECOND time.
>> It boggles the mind, but I suspect even those are starting to wake
>> up too.
> Although I am not that happy with how things are I voted For Bush
> as the lessor of two evils. What I really want is a realistic third
> choice.

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