Re: [NTLK] NewtNotes vs. CardMedia

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 10:36:00 EST

While I don't have Endnote (nor have used it), looking at the
information about endnote ( I notice two things.
 First off to transfer data it uses tab delimited files which means most
likely it will still work. You may not be able to use/add the latest
features if Endnote has created some since the Newton package was last
worked on, but the basic features should all still work. To confirm
this I would contact the author at or He is still around developing other software as
you can see from his website. I don't believe he is still developing
for the Newt, but last I heard he still supports his software and most
likely will do a few tweaks if they are needed. You will need to talk
with him to confirm this, but I suspect he will work with you if needed.

Now with regard to CardMedia, I see that there is a nice reference suite
addon package for it. And of course it is open source so you could
tweak it if you had the time. Being that it is in Names, you can export
that with various tools as a tab delimited file that you could import
into Endnote (since it apparently can import that as that is what
NewtNotes does). If I remember correctly NCU can export Names in this
format. Also another great program for this X-Port works well but it is
hard to acquire now. And there are others though the names elude me at
the moment.

Ah I also just noticed that in the CardMedia References suit it has a
package to generate a bibliographic entries for a report from selected
books and/or articles and dump that to works or notes which you should
be able to export easily to a tab delimited file then import it in to
Endnote. I assume Endnote has the ability to set up a how the file is

So in summary, it depends on what you want to try. If you want a more
seamless import/export into endnote then I would contact the author of
NewtNotes, see what he says as to compatibility, and if he is willing to
tweak it if needed. If you want to save the money and just do it
yourself I think you can get CardMedia to work with some
adjusting/fussing. But I have never tried Newtnotes nor have I tried to
do this with CardMedia, but I have done exporting/importing of tab
delimited files without a problem.


On 2/3/2007 3:21 AM, Dave Bellamy wrote:
> Hi all
> I was wondering if anyone had any experiences (good, bad or
> indifferent) with either NewtNotes or CardMedia. Specifically I am
> looking at how effective they are in an academic context. As part of
> my postgraduate studies I plan to use my Newt as the primary method
> for capturing research information, as well as taking notes and
> keeping track of classes and deadlines. The Newton is the ideal
> device for this kind of activity.
> This topic has been talked about before, "The Postgraduate Newton" by
> Geoffrey Klingsporn. However, although he made mention of integration
> with bibliography management tools he also noted that [at the time]
> there was no mechanism to integrate the Newt with desktop apps such
> as EndNote. NewtNotes appears to be an app that specifically acts as
> the mobile companion to EndNote on your desktop. However it is not
> cheap (US$80) and CardMedia (free) appears to have the potential to
> serve a similar function. CardMedia does not have the sophisticated
> integration with EndNote however.
> I am concerned that NewtNotes may well not work with the newer
> versions of EndNote (I am running OS9 on my faithful Pismo so it
> would be EN version 4 or 5) or that the application is useable, worth
> the money or indeed still supported by Catamount.
> Any experiences the Newt community has with these applications would
> be of great interest to me.
> Kind Regards
> Dave
> Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

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