Re: [NTLK] NewtNotes vs. CardMedia

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 13:07:00 EST

It might also work to set up a form in PowerForms. The data files on
the Mac/PC side are tab-delimited.

On 3. Feb, 2007, at 12:25, William Pociengel wrote:

> Dave Bellamy wrote:
> <snip>
>> my postgraduate studies I plan to use my Newt as the primary method
> <snip>
>> cheap (US$80) and CardMedia (free) appears to have the potential to
> <snip>
> next to the price is another price listed for 'starving students'.
> So if
> you feel you fit into that category then the cost is $40, not $80.
> hmmmm I never saw this product before but now that you brought it up
> then maybe this will help ME in my postgrad work ;-)

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