[NTLK] mac os9 hardware for old newton apps and VNC

From: William Pociengel <hseldon_at_my.wgu.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 04 2007 - 11:40:11 EST

I'm searching for the heftiest hw I can find that will run os9 natively
so I can run old apps and connect via VNC. I have classic installed but
I'm thinking it might just be easier for some things (like
investigating, oh say powerforms) to just run them on an OS9 machine.

I currently have access to:

LC, appletalk only,
6500 with Ethernet,
7100 with some flavor of Sonnet accelerator and I think Ethernet (I'd
used this one as a VNC machine in the past),
One of those 'all in one' Performas sitting in a box (but I'm not sure I
want to power up the screen if I'm running remotely

as you can see I've not run any of these machines for a while. Any ideas
if there is anything sitting out there that is worth the effort to
obtain, configure and maintain that would work better than any of the
above? I have no problem running the machine headless after it's setup.



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