Re: [NTLK] Dashboard for Newton

From: Grant Hutchinson <>
Date: Wed Feb 07 2007 - 23:42:36 EST

In a previous message, Tony Kan typed vigorously:

> Looked up Newton Utilities on UNNA
> <> and see
> there is a ..img file there. What is that and how do I access it?
> Please excuse my ignorance.

A .img files are Macintosh format mountable disk images. Unfortunately, they must be saved in a old
file system format (like 800K HFS), because I am unable to mount the images under OS X. I can try to
mount them on an older version of Mac OS and then post an archive of the contents.

Unless, someone else has a more easily accessible set of packages for this software.

I wonder of this is the same Newton Utilities software that Apple distributed under the Starcore
brand when the Newton first came out. There is still a PDF user manual for Newton Utilities available
on the Apple site. Nothing in the manual mentions undo preferences and it appears that this software
is probably only compatible with NOS 1.x.

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