Re: [NTLK] Keyboard keys: quieter?

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 16:03:17 EST

The keycaps come off easily. Under each is already a "spring" that is
a (silicone?) rubber "tube" (larger at top than at bottom). The noise
appears to come from the "stop" designed into each keycap: a small
round piece if plastic that "hangs down" from the edge near one
corner - it looks like that taps the base under the keys, making a
small "click"...

Simple approach (but drastic - I'm not going to volunteer to do it):
clip off the plastic "tip"...

On 8. Feb, 2007, at 15:42, Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:

> I've always wondered if this trick would work on the Newton
> keyboard too (since I also started on the Tandy 100 as a portable
> computer.) :)
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> My first computer was a Tandy Model 100. Back then some of us pried
> off
> the keys, and placed a small dental appliance/braces rubber on each
> key's post, then replaced the key. It made for a much quieter
> keyboard.
> Has anyone tried that on the Newton keyboard?
> I haven't tried to pry a key off--thought I'd ask before I perform
> surgery.
> thanks.

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