Re: [NTLK] POP3 mail client

From: Xenon Soft <>
Date: Fri Feb 09 2007 - 20:53:39 EST

> I got the same result as Robert Serna, and after a
> lot of poking around
> found and None of these
> work for me. I have a
> hunch Yahoo is looking specifically for the browsers
> in cell phones, so
> they can pile on glitzy features. So much for long
> lasting standards.
> Funny, I can use the original radio in a 1955 Chevy
> and get the same AM
> stations I can get on any AM radio sold in America
> today. The web was
> supposed to be like that, a long lasting archive of
> on-line knowledge.

Strangelly, the old worked perfectly
:( on Newtscape (1 or 2 weeks ago!) What a stupidity
by Yahoo! I don't know if Spanish version works...
(here I don't have connection for my Newton)

> The web was
> supposed to be like that

Yes, unfortunately, it's not now the case :( Stupid
non-standard adds have destroyed the web.

If I have time, I will put next night a list of PDA
working on Newtscape sites.



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