[NTLK] wireless error "couldn't resolve IP address"

From: Dan <dan_at_dbdigitalweb.com>
Date: Sat Feb 10 2007 - 12:38:28 EST

Well I was trying to test out NewtIM, NewtJabber etc when I found that
my wireless card is not working for some reason. I know I had it
working before and I didn't delete my setups yet no go. When I try to
get my mail it gets to the point of looking up the local mail server on
my ISP and then fails with the "couldn't resolve IP address". It is the
same address as what I use on my desktop. The DNS settings are right as
they are the same ones that are used in my desktop. Very strange. I do
have my card configured to not use DCHP as it did not seem to be
compatible with my router last time I tried. But those settings seem to
be correct (local IP, subnetmask, gateway/router, primary DNS etc.

Any suggestions? The card I am using is the Orinoco Gold, and I know it
worked before. I also have the same router. I even tried turing off
encryption to see if it would work then. But I do remember getting it
work with encryption before (WEP). Any help is appreciated.


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