Re: [NTLK] SimpleMail vs Mail V

From: Mathew Howe <>
Date: Tue Feb 13 2007 - 17:04:01 EST

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 Gary Dunn wrote:
>> If you are using POP3, what advantage is there to upgrade from SimpleMail to Mail V? Mail V is the newer development but also consumes a lot more memory.
>Any idea how much more?
According to Simon's web site Simple Mail requires 163 k While Mail V requires 180-570 K K

>> A quick scan of the features on Simon's web site did not enlighten me. What is everyone else's opinion?
>> By the way, I love SimpleMail. When used with IC/VC
>What is IC/VC?
IC/VC is a general import export routine For Newtons. It can be used with SimpleMail on IRDA, etc. Check out for more info and some other great Newton Software.

Matt "Ducky" Howe
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