Re: [NTLK] Chat Buddy, Newton IM and NewtJabber

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 09:57:48 EST

I agree, though it would require changing the original code rather than
something adjustable for the user. Which is why the IM networks do it
that way. Though thankfully it seems that they have given up for now
and just let the 3rd party clients access it (trillian for example). I
do know that people were getting tired of all the upgrades and issues
back a couple of years ago with the "IM wars".

At least this is possible with NewtIM if the jabber protocol was changed
someone could take the source (it is open) and implement the needed changes.

As for where to get it, oops I guess I never posted where. Sorry about

You can also get it on UNNA:


On 2/17/2007 3:45 AM, Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:
> Ok, thank you... THAT is why NewtChat doesn't work. Crying shame too, because it was a good program (programmers out there, if you make a IM program, make it where the IP and hand shake procedures can be adjusted, otherwise it will be a dead program in a year with all the changes to IM that happen)
> NewtGlider... a lot of fun!!
> And as for Newt IM.. yeh, where can I find that?
> Doc Clu
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> When I wrote my previous review I knew I was forgetting a IM package
> that only worked on the AIM network. And I found it and something else
> I forgot about.
> The first one is called NewtChat and it only works in the AIM network
> and is the one I was thinking of when I mentioned that AIM changed
> something and it no longer worked. If you want to check it out the
> webpage is:
> I haven't had time to test this but as I said last I knew AIM changed
> the network and NewtChat no longer works.
> As a side note, he also makes a great game called NewtGlider and is well
> worth the $5.
> I also found NCQ which I had forgot about. It is a ICQ client, however
> shortly after it was made, the ICQ network changed and it no longer
> works either.
> So two more programs that unfortunately no longer work. But thankfully
> Newt IM still does. Also one thing I neglected to mention in my
> original review, Newt IM is also open source.
> -Dan

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